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Batman Action Figures & Dolls, Checklist, Figure Guide


Action Figures & Dolls

With over 400 and counting, Batman has the Action Figure world covered like no other. Over decades, manufacturers like Kenner, Hasbro, and Mattel have all eagerly gained the license to immortalize this character into miniature plastic figurines. And Batman action figures have become a popular past time for both children and adults, making them that much more universal.

What many fans may not realize is that the Batman figure craze was actually kick-started by the production of larger Batman dolls not commonly associated with the smaller, more popular scales of today. Groups like Ideal and the widely known Mego Corp. were innovative in creating the first Batman figurines as far back as the 1960s and '70s, serving as highly collectible items today.

Whether you're looking for Action Figure & Doll photos, promos, or fan reviews, we're in abundance. Featuring nearly every Batman figure produced, and constantly updating, BYTB's Action Figures & Dolls database is a true source for everything revolving the Batman figure realm.

Note: All merchandise shown on BYTB is for informational purposes only and is not for sale. Feel free to Email Me any questions, comments or suggestions. CLICK HERE for news and discussion on all Batman Action Figures & Dolls, past and present.


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animatedaobarcrime.jpg animatedaobar.jpg animatedduoforce.jpg animatedtnba.jpg

animatedbeyond.jpg animatedmission.jpg animatedbatlink.jpg animatedrotj.jpg

animatedspectrum.jpg animatedhasbro.jpg animatedmattel.jpg animatedtt.jpg

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animatedbrave.jpg animatedactionleague.jpg dcuanimated.jpg Young Justice


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comicbatman.jpg comiccyber.jpg comicdcdirect.jpg comicdcpocket.jpg

comicmicroman.jpg comicdcshmattel.jpg DC Universe Classics comicdcugiants.jpg

dcuff.jpg comicdcuifh.jpg retroactiondcsh.jpg DC Universe Action League

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