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Credits & Thanks


Credits & Thanks!

Thank You ~ Credits ~ See Also

Thank You

This site has been through many changes over the years. However, with those changes could not have been possible without a lot of help from some very special people.

RiskDogg, Caleson, FlaBat, Darknight, Christian, Drunken Fist, BigDaddy Gotham, Wonder Woman, Harley, and others from our own staff.

Spencer1984 from The Batmobile History. Thanks so much for everything. You've got a great talent and I'm proud to have you on board!

Jim from The World's Finest. You're a great friend. We've been at this a long time and I appreciate everything you've helped me with!

Barb from The Trapeze. Thanks for all the help you gave me on Nightwing and Oracle, as well as all your thoughtful opinions.

Failure from The ToonZone MSG Boards.

And last but certainly not least... to all the fans who visit this site, it's for you that we're here. Thank You.


We made Batman: YTB for one initial purpose; to give our fellow fans the biggest, most comprehensive one-stop website for all that is Batman. And during the long road of making BYTB what it is, we've borrowed the help of many other sites, and admittingly have failed to credit several of them on the way.

Here we've compiled a list of websites both big and small, that have helped and may still be helping BYTB give you the best, be it quality photos, historic information, or the latest Batman news. If you find you have been left out, give us a shout.

DC Comics
Superhero Hype
Superhero Times
Go Figure
Figure Realm
Gotham Toys
Batman Toys
CY Productions
Super Hero Food
Bootleg Action Figures
The Original 1966 Batmobile
Moby Games

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