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Action Figures & Dolls - Action Figures - Animated - The New Batman Adventures

In 1997, Kenner pursued The New Batman Adventures much like The Animated Series of the past. The somewhat limited selection of characters included Wild Card Joker, the very first Creeper action figure, and Mad Hatter, albiet his BTAS design. TNBA also saw the introduction of trends such as Toys R Us four-packs and the cartoon based Mission Masters line. And while it didn't feature an extensive array of villians, it managed to include fan favorites such as Commissioner Gordon and Batman's faithful butler, Alfred.

TNBA also featured several highly collectable 12" figures while, at the same time, lacking in original vehicles and playsets. The dynamic and simplified art style combined with minimal articulation resulted in relatively static figures; many fans, however, would agree that Kenner did an outstanding job at reflecting this new animation style in three-dimensional form.

Years ago, Bruce Wayne vowed to rid Gotham City of crime. After perfecting his skills, he became Batman, the World's Greatest Detective and crimefighter! Now, deep within the Batcave, the Dark Knight has increased his crimefighting powers by developing amazing new sleuth gadgetry known as Dynamic Decorder Gear! This state-of-the-art equipment reveals hidden clues left on figures and their packages so that you can help Batman, Robin and Nightwing to solve mysteries and defeat the world's most diabolical villians! Dynamic Decoder Gear gives you the power to team up with Batman and his friends to save Gotham City!


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