Batman YTB | Batman Returns Action Figures, Kenner, 1992, Catwoman, Penguin, Robin

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Batman Returns Action Figures, Kenner, 1992, Catwoman, Penguin, Robin

Batman Returns (Action Figures)


When the feature film Batman Returns hit theaters in 1992, Kenner renamed their movie line Batman Returns. This new line included several versions of the same Batman figure sculpt as seen in the previous Dark Knight Collection line. The movie's two villains, Catwoman and Penguin, received their own figures. Catwoman received a new sculpt, but the Penguin figure was a repainted sculpt from Kenner's Super Power's line.

This line also presented a new hero to the mix, Robin. Robin was set to be in Batman Returns, he started out as a juvenile gang leader, who becomes an ally to Batman. Robin was later changed to a black teenager who's also a garage mechanic. Waters explained, "He's wearing this old-fashioned garage mechanic uniform and it has an 'R' on it. He drives the Batmobile, which I notice they used in the third film!" Marlon Wayans was cast, and signed for a sequel. Wayans had attended a wardrobe fitting, but it was decided to save the character for a third installment.

It was because of the story change that Kenner changed the figure into the Tim Drake character.

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