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 At the end of their Batman reign, Hasbro created a self-titled line consisting of several repaints. To the delight of fans, however, this line would also be home to some first edition, animated style figures including Poison Ivy, Talia, and the Ventriloquist, all of which were available in Toys Я Us four-packs.

Consisting entirely of store exclusives, 2003's Batman line combined both The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures to create an expansive collection of box sets. Wal-Mart featured several repainted two-packs; Kay Bee Toys reintroduced vehicles from 1992's Batman: The Animated Series; K-Mart released one "Garden of Evil" three-pack. But Toys Я Us would boast the majority of items with a variety of two-packs, four-packs, vehicles, and two versions of the Batcave.


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