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Comics - Ongoning Series - Robin - Issue #103

ROBIN #103
COVER TAGLINE: Blaze - Of Glory
TITLE: Down Comes the Sun

RELEASE DATE: June, 2002
COVER DATE: August, 2002

WRITER: Jon Lewis
PENCILER(s): David Hahn
INKER(s): Andrew Pepoy
COLORS: Noelle Giddings
LETTERS: Willie Schubert
EDITOR(s): Matt Idelson, Michael Wright
COVER: Michael Lopez, Andrew Pepoy, Chris Sotomayor

PRICE: $2.25 U.S./$3.00 Canada

CHARACTERS: Robin (Tim Drake); Spoiler (Stephanie Brown); Dana Drake; Natalia Mitternacht


Tim takes Stephanie some chicken soup and a recording of Natalia Mitternacht's performance, which he can now see as truly awful. They investigate the man who attacked her, and that night they attend another cabaret. This time, Stephanie, clear of her cold, thinks it's wonderful, whereas a bunged-up Tim hates it. As Spoiler, Stephanie follows Natalia home; her appartment building is on fire, and amazingly, she runs in. Spoiler follows, and is instructed to throw two cabinets out of the window before Natalia will let herself be rescued.



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